Patient Notice

We do not sell contact lenses directly to patients but onlythrough Eye Care Practitioners. We believe that your eye care and health isbest supported through the expertise, service and care of a licensed eye carepractitioner. As contact lenses are FDA-controlled medical devices, they canhave significant positive or negative consequences to your health andwell-being. We believes they should only be prescribed and dispensed by alicensed eye care practitioner.

We sell a broad range of high quality contact lenses at highlycompetitive prices and provide the convenience of picking up the correctcontact lenses right in your Eye Care Practitioner’s office. Eye CarePractitioners provide a higher level of service for their patients by sellingthe highest quality professional-only contact lenses. Your Eye CarePractitioner’s years of study, skill and expertise are of utmost importance toyour eye health and well-being.

That’s why we recommend you purchase your contact lenses onlythrough licensed Eye Care Practitioners!